MacWorld NYC: Jakob look-alikes, Jaguar, Six degrees, Omni

Went to MacWorld, New York. Was not too exciting. Lots of the Windows Switch ads around town. The most amusing thing was that I saw Andy Ihnatko chatting with someone, sporting a leather cowboy hat. Funny. When I first spotted him quickly, I thought to myself, "Is that Jakob Nielsen". Then when I got closer I realized it was Ihnatko and thought again, "No, that's just what Jakob Nielsen would look like if he were a tad cooler."

Anyway back to the Mac. The Jaguar OS X was very nice. Don't want to regurgitate what you probably already know or can easily learn from Apple's OS X page. From an interface perspective I was pleased with Sherlock, which brings some of Watson's functionality into the core OS, and with new features of the finder. A search box is now built into the finder, spring loaded folders are back, and I saw someone demo a Find/Replace feature that I think was doing batchrenaming of files. Can't confirm that one.

Also saw a demo of Creo's Six Degrees, an application which is supposed to help you search through email, files and contacts to find related data. It looked promising, but I'm not sure it delivers the power to really connect related data. Have to play with it some more to verify. It sounds great for navigating project data on your machine.

Lastly I saw Omni Group's little table and watched someone demo OmniGraffle for kicks. Was amused when the demoer was scrolling through the palettes, saw "Garret IA" and said, "I have no idea what that is." I thought to myself, of course you don't, why would you. So I let him know that it was a shape library for Information Architecture diagramming. "Oh, OK," he replied and kept demoing. He probably still has no idea what it's for.

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Well, you've gotta admit...'s not exactly one of the most flashy parts of Graffle to demo. But hell, they oughta at least know what it's for!

That's what I thought

That's what I thought as well, which is why I felt it necessary to educate him so he can help educate his potential customers. Sigh. First thing I do when I work for someone is try at the least to get a rudimentary understanding of their product and its features. The pre-installed palettes are definitely a part of that.