Mysterious book titles revealed!

OK, maybe the rest of the world knows already - but I just found out that Christina's new book will be called Information Architecture: Blueprints for the Web. Way to go Christina!

Also on the mysterious side: Mike Kuniavsky's preorder page exists too, kind of (you can't order the book). Practical User Testing for the World Wide Web (previously known as "Mike's user research book") is something I've been hoping to add to my collection for a long time - hope O'Reilly publishes it soon.

Not so mysterious, Jesse's Amazon preorder page is also up for Elements of User Experience, as is the page for Polar Bear 2

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Mike's Mysterious Book

Hi, this is Mike of the long-time-coming mystery user research book. The deal is that O'Reilly is no longer publishing it. Although we had a great relationship and the book was approaching completion, it became clear to both of us that it wasn't the right book for them to be publishing right now. I'm currently in negotiations with several other publishers to release it next spring (due to the seasonal nature of the tech book publishing business, it's the earliest that it can be reasonably released), so it should be out in time to be the perfect Valentine's Day gift. Thanks for the support and stay tuned to the Adaptive Path site for more news about it.

--Mike "Not so anonymous" Kuniavsky


I guess I should have cultivated more of an air of mystery about my book.

Mike's book rules. I'm not the only one who thinks so, either.

Today I was so psyched about Lou and Peter's book that I made this.