Was Jakob an IA?

Speaking of books, I stumbled upon this book cover. (It's a bit small, but if you look close it says Designing Exceptional Web Sites: Secrets of an Information Architect.)

A google search on the title attribltes it to one Mr. Jakob Nielsen, and following the Amazon link takes you to the page for Designing Web Usability.

Was I the only one who didn't know about this? Could Jakob have made IA a household name rather than usability? Things to think about this weekend...

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Nielsen talks about the title change

at the bottom of his own page about the book.

Personally, I couldn't be happier that he changed the title. I can't imagine anything that could have been more disastrous for IA than to get (even further) mixed up with usability. It would have set us back 10 years easily.

That explains it

So apparently I was the only one who didn't know. I think the problem was that I was searching on the title on the cover (Designing Exceptional Web Sites), while, by his own admission, the working title was Designing Excellent Web Sites, and the working title search brings up many more results (~90). I too am quite glad that the title includes Usability and not Information Architecture; I was just more amused at the fact that Jakob called himself an IA.

ten years?

How could he have set us back ten years? i can see how it might have fed confusion, but it also would have brought IA to promanence as a solution to usability problems, as it so often is.


everybody would say "IA" when they meant "usability", and it would take us ten years to (a) recognize that there are IA issues independent of usability and (b) come up with a new name for them.