OWL Web Ontology Language Working Drafts Published

From W3C news releases:

    The Web Ontology Working Group has released three first Working Drafts. The Feature Synopsis, Abstract Syntax and Language Reference describe the OWL Web Ontology Language 1.0 and its subset OWL Lite. Automated tools can use common sets of terms called ontologies to power services such as more accurate Web search, intelligent software agents, and knowledge management. OWL is used to publish and share ontologies on the Web. Read about the W3C Semantic Web Activity.

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ontologies. ugh.

I'm getting annoyed with this "ontologies" nonsense. But I suppose there's nothing curmudgeons like me can do about it. I'm with Marcia Bates on this one: "But here's the problem: "Ontology" is a term taken from philosophy; it refers to the philosophical issues surrounding the nature of being." It's just another example of people taking a perfectly good word that means something else and ruining it to make something else sound more important or exotic.
Yeah, I know, I'm just being crabby. But this is important to me, because I think that there are REAL ontological issues surrounding the Internet that have very little to do with the narrow confines of taxonomy development. Even if you want to stretch it really really hard to say that controlled vocabularies form some kind of Wittgensteinian "language game" (which is silly because language games just are, they aren't cobbled together in Excel), that's still pretty narrow.
Anyway, I'll survive. Really. No big deal.

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