Royksopp infographics eyecandy

You've probably already seen the link to the Royksopp video "You remind me" (Real Video) from Matt's site. I just got the Real Player for OS X so I could finally see it and all I can say is "Holy shit!" It's an infographics bonanza that fans of Wurman* will salivate over. Really. If you're so inclined, you won't be disappointed by it.

* I originally incorrectly said Tufte here, but Christina called me on it, because I should have said Wurman.

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not tufte, but wurman

I think tufte would call it chart junk.. it's much more Wurman. look at Understanding USA (which is entirely online) or Information Architects to see what I mean.

That's not say I didn't dig it-- i loved it.


you're right, more wurman than tufte. let's just say any fan of info. graphics.

personally, i don't find anything wrong with embellishing statistics (as nytimes business section does on the conservative end and usa today does on the highly decorative end) as long as the data is still clearly communicated. and you're right, those are the kind of graphics that tufte calls chark junk (i sat through his monologue once).

what the hell..

what the hell happened to this site? Is it run by the same people?

you mean iaslash?

do you mean iaslash? sure it's run by the same people, anyone who cares to post to it that is. i just love me infodesign. i've been bored as hell with the usual IA fodder lately.

You can say that again.

A year ago I was all hopped up on goofballs over IA blogs, white papers and and not-so-white papers. Seeing a music video with motion Info Design is the most interesting IA related thing I've seen in a while.