Internet Librarian 2002

The preliminary program is set for Internet Librarian 2002 (“The Internet Conference and Exhibition for Librarians and Information Managers”), being held November 4-6 in Palm Springs, CA. It looks like there are a lot of good sessions, with tracks and presentations on Intranets, weblogs, UCD, DRM, web writing, e-learning, searching, and the wireless web among other things.

Of particular interest was the description of The IA Divide: Issues Worth Fighting About, which features our very own Peter Morville and Peter Merholz:

Sometimes, it's the things we can't agree on that make life most interesting. In this spirited debate, the two Peters shine the spotlight on the most controversial and critical issues faced by information architects today. While they've got the same first names, these two experts have no problem finding differences. Come watch the battle, as Good Peter faces off against Bad Peter. And be prepared to pick sides. Audience participation and a sense of humor are required.

I'm picturing a cage match complete with folding chairs, easily-breakable tables, and concealed chokers...

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Advice if deciding to go...

I went to IL 2001 and I have to admit that many of the presentations were really good(Amy Warner, Chiara Fox, Avi Rapaport, Roy Tennant, and Jeanene Landers case study), but if you already have a basic level understanding of many of the concepts or at least have read various books or keep up with the IA/UE blogs, sites, listserv...the conference overall may be quite basic or at too high a level.

But then again, Palm Spring in the fall...hmmm.

@name: Madonnalisa G. Chan
@label: Information Architect

cage match

... "I'm picturing a cage match complete with folding chairs, easily-breakable tables, and concealed chokers..."

isn't that what happens at all Library Conferences?