Deliverables that Clarify, Focus, and Improve Design

From the 2002 UPA Conference comes Deliverables that Clarify, Focus, and Improve Design, a presentation and examples by Richard Fulcher, Bryce Glass and Matt Leacock.

The representations we choose for UI design affect both how we think about the design and how others understand it. Concept maps, wireframes, storyboards, and flow-maps speak to different audiences at different stages of the development cycle. This presentation provides examples of these documents and a toolkit for producing them.

There are a number of good downloads, but I especially liked the Key Relationships Between Design Deliverables (PDF), which is quite worthy of hanging up by your workstation. (Thanks to this article on Boxes and Arrows for the conference summary and link.)

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More things to hang up...

Inspired by this new cubicle decoration I found, I created a page on the IA wiki about Cubicle Decoration, which features links to this and other free print-out-and-hang-at-your-desk decorations. Any other ones I'm missing?


The section of the 2 MB PowerPoint that covers "flow maps" looks a heck of a lot like Erin Malone's presentation (988 KB) from the last IA Summit.

You're right

JJG is right. They do look a lot the same, but I'm guessing that's just because the person who apparently put together that part of the presentation (Bryce Glass) appears to be a UI Designer for Netscape/AOL, where Erin also works. In fact, according to the last slide of the presentation, they all work at AOL, so it's probably a good thing that the deliverables look the same. In fact, both presentations talk about the importance of having “a standard visual language,” so that explains the virtually-identical legend, and obviously the deliverables themselves and the environment are going to be the same. Either Erin had a hand in their presentation (or vice versa) or the group over there has done a good job standardizing their process and deliverables across the organization.

Yes - you're both right!

Indeed, JJG is quick to point out the connection, and Jeff's stab at an explanation is pretty dead-on. (thanks for the embarassing link to my old, old homepage too ;-)

Matt, Rich and I are (or were, at the time of the original UPA submission) members of Erin's team at AOL, and we have tried to maintain some standardization of process and templates, so that we could all preach the same gospel fairly interchangeably.

Our preso benefited from Erin's input, as did hers from some earlier in-house presentations we'd done on the topic of mapping. One thing I mentioned during the UPA preso that didn't make the slide deck, regrettably, was the extent to which our still-evolving visual style owes a debt of gratitude to the house style, circa 1999, of Dynamic Diagrams.

DD did a lot of mapping for around that time and -- although our visual language has 'branched' and expanded since we've brought all mapping in-house, I think you can still see the visual heritage at play. (I'd be interested to see how DD's house style has evolved in that time.)

Anyway - thanks for noticing!