Informatica: Faster alerting from post-usage data analysis tool

I found this article on Interactive Week interesting because our programming staff has been working on using clustering to pre-filter data before it is indexed. We have not looked at data analysis from post-transaction perspective before, except in doing log analysis using WebTrends and some visualization tools, but the concept of doing more granular data analysis with a tool like Informatica is compelling. Informatica, while focussed on commerce/financial side of transactions also integrates with other CRM data. "Connectors already exist between PowerCenter 5 and PeopleSoft, SAP and Siebel Systems Enterprise Resource Planning applications, which contain customer relationship data. The $200,000 PowerCenter software may also receive eXtensible Markup Language-tagged data or clickstream data and send it to an analytical application." Apparently, with the acquisition of Zimba, now it will also send alerts via the Internet or mobile devices.