cfp IA "Making Connections" Portland, OR: 2003 March 21-23

After last night's random chat, I looked up IA meetings in Portland, OR, and found

Information Architecture "Making Connections"
March 21-23 Portland, OR

The 2003 summit on Information Architecture will explore the many elements that go into creating excellent information architecture, both from within the discipline and without.

The Summit seeks proposals for Case Studies, Presentations that demonstrate innovative and effectiveinformation architecture practices and Posters.

We are open to contributions from people with solid and relevant ideas, including areas that may be considered ancillary or outside of Information Architecture. If selected, we simply ask that you put in the time required to create a solid and professional presentation for the conference attendees.

Case studies are requested to specify

type of site (e.g., entertainment, portal, intranet)

I guess people would be surprised if I submitted an architecturefor navigating a farmer's market [.mov file].

Official CFP at .

ps, I need to find a more efficient way of formatting Drupal posts than manually HTML-ing tr td width etc. Maybe need to preview the teaser, too.

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No tables

You should only need to use tables on this site for tabular data. I stripped out all your tables and just inserted returns after each paragraph.

The teaser is only used for the XML feed, so you won't be able to see it on the site.