GUP: Say it five times quickly

Graphical Presentation of User Profiles (PDF) is a technique for creating visual representations of system users. Just as storyboards are 'visual scenarios', GUP can serve as a 'visual persona'. As useful as personas are, they are primarily textual. GUP and variants offer a 'user at a glance' format that complements the rich story a persona and scenarios can communicate. The rest of the between project looks pretty cool too.

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Am I?


what does this comment have to do with this posting? i don't get it.


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splog or blam?

splog or blam?

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"As useful as personas are, they are primarily textual"
User persona's are primarily textual because they are stories. GUP is nothing more than a formalized method of generating a Cliff-Notes version. Valuable to be sure but we should not ignore the pittfalls that exist inside any summarization method.

Use GUP if you want but don't allow GUP to supercede the presentation of the complete story.


Yup, GUP complements personas (our characters for stories) and scenarios (the stories themselves) - it doesn't replace them. (as I said when posting the story)

It's worth noting that personas are summaries of field research/contextual interviews. Summarization makes things digestible, but can go too far.

re: complements