Scope Creep article at A List Apart

Hal Helms takes on scope creep at ALA. Most interesting is a web-based wireframing tool and a tool for online annotation of prototypes called DevNotes. These both require ColdFusion on the server. (Though Hal mentions a PHP version of the wireframing tool, I couldn't find it).

thanks Scott

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I got the impression from the description that it produces the lesser known variety of wire frames - purely textual, outline style. Not the visual arrangement of elements we are familiar with.

textual wireframes - not sure

I'm not sure if they're textual or not - need to see a demo, but Bjork's video file demoing the tool 404ed. Even if these aren't our beloved boxcentric wireframes, I'm still very interested that an almost separate community (ColdFusion Fusebox developers) use wireframes, and wonder what kind of cross-community learning could be taking place...anyways, enough rambling...cheers - jess

I found the PHP wireframe tool

oops, that's link is the Coldfusion version too, not PHP. sorry