New features: email notification, categories, better syndication

Adding a few new features (drupal modules).

Email notification
You can elect to receive email once a day to get notified of new posts (new blog entries and/or comments). Once you are logged in, select notification settings under your user menu in the sidebar.

(NOTE: If you tried to set this up this weekend and got permission errors, please try again. I forgot to set permission attributes. Oops.)

In case you haven't noticed we've started experimenting with the addition of a flat set of subject headings for each blog entry. Those subject headings are now accessible from the side navigation with indications of how many entries are available in each subject area. Since my blogging has been lighter this year, I plan to go through the old posts and categorize them, deleting dead links as I find them.

RSS syndication by category or user
This is a cool addition. I added the module that lets you syndicate by category or by user. In the syndicate box in the sidebar, select the More link beneath the XML icon to see your syndication options.

XFML feeds are available in the syndication box. You go, Peter. And thanks, Kristjan for the module.

Comment viewing options

Select your preferred way to display the comments and click "Save settings" to activate your changes.

Note that XFML hasn't been pu

Note that XFML hasn't been published yet and some minor changes to the format may still occur over the next few days... See for updates

Blog: poorbuthappy ease by PeterV

xfml.module needs updating

michael, can you please update the xfml.module? There were a small bug that outputs incorrect XFML code, this is fixed in new version.


thanks, kristjan

updated it. -m