Information Architecture standards?

This site may be one to watch. As far as I can tell from SIG-IA, someone has taken it upon himself to create a group to develop some sort of standards or best practices for Information Architects.'s mission, was created as a center for awareness, coordination, and focusing of the efforts of members of the Information Architecture community interested in the development of open standards for information architecture and related aspects of web development. Topics to be explored include notations, processes, and tools to support the increasingly complex work of the profession. This site aims to give direction to the enthusiasm, shown recently in mailing lists and at conferences, of practicing Information Architects discovering their common connections and challenges while seeking collective enlightenment. Additionally, this site is intended to serve as an open laboratory for exploring IA-related topics in site development. Thus, as the site evolves, artifacts and processes used in its development should serve as real-world examples of common IA best practices. This should be interesting. Currently the bulk of the discussion on this site is focussing on the label "Standards".