Thoughts on "rightsizing" in the new economy

Why must American corporations speak in code? I haven't been axed yet, but my company -- once considered a great place to work -- started informing people today whether they had a job or not. They will announce today that by March of 2002, 17,000 people will have been removed from payroll. A lot of great people have been removed and others reassigned for the worse. I initially came to Bell Laboratories because it runs one of the most respected information organizations (nee libraries) in the world. As with all large organizations, however, the real talent and the hard workers (the doers) are held down and played with like pawns, and as a colleague of mine said today, "Their game IS the game.". Feeling powerless in the bureaucratic nightmare that plays with lives makes one start to wonder at what point one should throw in the towel and head for greener pastures -- if they do exist elsewhere. It's a shame. This place has really been an interesting place to work -- the place that invented UNIX, the laser, wireless communication, etc. Now it's just another casualty.