I got my Mac OS X final release disks from the UPS guy yesterday. Whoa I can start having fun with my mac again. It's like having a completely new computer and still having my trusted Mac apps available -- although I may be abandonning them when OS X versions become available. Right now I'm spending my time on and to figure out how to install tomcat (to serve jsp) and mysql. I hope to have Apache's Coccon as well. Personally, I like having to learn a new interface, and I like the Black Cave terminal window. It is a boon to power users to be able to run stuff like shell scripts and stuff. In the end we'll all be using Unix. As a Bell Labs person, I hope to see the day when this really becomes true, and when using Micro apps becomes more of an alternative than the standard. The NYTimes had an article on OS X today, written by David Pogue of course.