n_Gen Design Machine

Whoa. EH and Antenna logged n_Gen, the algorithmic design machine from Move Design. At first I thought, "What a fun toy. But, now anyone can steal these design styles and the joke will be that the imitation will be more blatant." But I ended up spending so much time playing with it and started thinking, "Hmmm. This might be interesting if you could insert your own styles and see what the algorithms produce. Here's the scoop from the site: The n_Gen Design Machine is a rapid prototyping graphic design engine that generates savable graphic files from the user's own text content filtered through n_Gen's Design Modules. ... n_Gen is a parody of the 'rampant design thievery' and mimicry of celebrity design currently in vogue. The selection of aesthetic flavors in n_Gen is based on our observation of current popular design styles we see flooding the media. It's kind of an in-joke for designers who will recognize the work of their heroes, and we're poking fun, but our hope is that people will get the joke and see this not as plagiarism, but as a kind of homage.