Taxonomies and Topic Maps: Categorization Steps Forward

Article in EContent Magazine on the topic of taxonomies. According to some, the path to improved information retrieval on the Web lies in intelligently applied taxonomies. In this view, content needs to be more accurately identified by category in such a way that search engines and other navigational aids can be better tuned to help the user. As content moves increasingly to the Web, these data sources need to benefit from technologies and techniques that allow people to view, navigate, and search data by broadly understood categories. Happily, categorization technologies seem to have matured to the point where they can be useful to more and more publishers. Increasingly, Web publishers are investing in both the technologies to categorize content and the labor associated with implementing the technology. And looming on the horizon are "topic maps," an intriguing approach to tagging data for categories, especially for collections of data as opposed to singular documents. thanks Victor