Verity white papers on semi-automated business taxonomies

Went to a Verity presentation this morning. Here's some white papers available from the company:

  • On semi-automated Web taxonomy construction -- The subject of this paper is the semi-automatic construction of taxonomies over the Web. We address the problem of discovering high-quality resources that belong in a particular node of a taxonomy. We show that minimal additional effort is required to provide relevance feedback in a hyperlinked environment, resulting in significant and consistent improvement in quality. Furthermore, this feedback is especially valuable for topics for which it is more difficult to find high-quality pages. Enroute, we describe novel algorithms for hyperlink relevance feedback.
  • Verity ® Intelligent Classification: Turn Information Assets into Competitive Advantage -- The challenge facing organizations is to turn information overload into competitive advantage. The first step to achieving this is to intelligently classify information. Documents must be organized into categories through which users can intuitively navigate to locate individual files. When this is done, productivity increases dramatically, because workers are able to spend less time looking for information, and more time acting on itóregardless of the amount of information or how fast it is growing.