Online Images That Stay True to Form on Any Screen

NY Times article about SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics format. The SVG is currently a W3C recommended technology for vector-based graphics. More information is available from the W3C site. Vector graphics ... draw images based on mathematical descriptions of the length and position of every line and the tone of every color. Those descriptions, for example, may include commands to draw a circle of a certain diameter filled with a specific gradient of red. When an SVG image is resized by a Web browser to fit a particular screen, it redraws the graphic based on the same data, scaled up or down as needed. "People are accessing the Web with a wider range of devices that all want a different-size display," said Chris Lilley, chairman of the SVG working group of the World Wide Web Consortium. "But users don't want to have to go to a special version of the site for hand-helds. They want to go to the same site as everyone else."