Sitemaps, Storyboards, and Specifications: A Sketch of Web Site Design Practice

This paper by Mark W. Newman and James A. Landay, at the Group for User Interface Research, Computer Science Division of University of California, Berkeley, presents the findings of a study observing the Web design process. Studies such as these undoubtedly are undertaken to inform/support projects created at GUIR such as Denim. Through a study of web site design practice, we observed that designers employ multiple representations of web sites as they progress through the design process, and that these representations allow them to focus on different aspects of the design. Designers also employ multiple tools during the course of a project, including graphic design, web development, presentation, and word processing software, as well as pen and paper. Sketching on paper is especially important during the design exploration phase of a project, when designers wish to explore many design possibilities quickly without focusing on low-level details. Web site design tools intended to support the early phases of the design process should employ informal interaction techniques, should support multiple site representations, and should integrate well with other applications that designers use regularly. thanks infodesign