Web Advertisers Strike Back at Ad filters

An article in InfoWorld discusses a new strategy for banner advertising vendors to block the ad blockers. THE BATTLE OF the banner ads has just heated up. With Internet users increasingly implementing filtering software to screen out advertisements, Web site operators will soon have a new tool to block the blockers. For some time, Web surfers annoyed by banner and pop-up ads cluttering up sites have been able to resort to software -- such as the shareware AdKiller, InterMute's AdSubtract, and Junkbuster's Proxy -- to screen out commercial messages. Makers of the filters say they're just helping users protect their limited bandwidth from annoying ads that slow downloads. That's where AdKey comes in. The new software, currently in beta testing, will allow Web site operators to deny access to users who have installed ad filters, said Frank Beckert, chief executive officer of mediaBeam, which is developing the product.