An Open Letter to Adobe

Michael Swaine is having trouble using the Adobe Studio site. In fact, he's having so much trouble that he can't send them feedback via the site and had to respond to Adobe in this open letter published on WebReview. Oh, really clever, guys, to implement your feedback link as one of those nonfunctioning JavaScript calls. Meaning that if I want to tell you what I think of your site, I have to write an Open Letter to Adobe and publish it here. There are three approaches to browser compatibility:

  • Try your darnedest to play nicely with all browsers, avoid nonstandard tags and dongles, and reach the largest possible audience with your message.
  • Distinguish your site with a few nonstandard geegaws, knowing that you will shut out a few potential visitors, and apologize to them.
  • Post your "Browser Requirements," limiting users to one of three browser versions, in U.S. English only. Don't apologize.
You, I see, chose the third option. Hrumph. Sadly, the Adobe sites seem, in my opinion, to be less usable than they were in the Sapient iterations. We all remember that wonderful site map they once had. And why is the navigation on the main site now a big static image map that gives no context about where you are? thanks xblog