Wireless web market

From the LA Times: The Wireless Web Gains a Following Niche by Niche. It's catching on, as cellular phone users find that Internet access answers specific needs. In the US, use of WAP mobile phones are on the rise with 35-40% penetration. In Japan, with the popularity of the more sophisticated i-Mode phones, pentetration is at more than half the population. Problem is, the user interfaces of these phones are so unsophisticated that user adoption of the technology is not as fast as developers had hoped. Here's a few quotes from the article to illustrate this point: The wireless world is still waiting for its equivalent of the easy-to-use browser, which opened the Internet to the masses in the mid-1990s. It's also waiting for a way to simplify or eliminate the need for typing words out using a cell phone keypad--one of the top complaints about Internet phones. For example, sending a short "hi" requires tapping the "4" key two times for "H," then three more times for "I." Technologies such as predictive text software and voice-command systems are helping, but they have not yet solved the problem. ... "I just don't think they have the right platform. . . . Typing in URLs on a 10-key pad is very, very annoying, and it's very easy to make a mistake," said Barney Dewey, a consultant and wireless data expert with the Andrew Seybold Group. "It's a horrible implementation of an interesting idea."