Navigating isn't fun

Alan Cooper wants navigation schemes to go away. Or at least he thinks users want it to go away. If you want to design simpler, better Websites for business or commerce, try putting more interaction into fewer screens so your users don't have to navigate so much. ... Once a beginner's enthusiasm wears off after a few uses of the Web, she would just like to get her work done in the simplest and most straightforward way possible. Instead of building a complex structure of pages, a better design technique is to concentrate all of the interaction in a single screen, relieving the user of the need to explore, of the need to navigate at all. To the user, each successive screen is the equivalent of a new window or dialog in conventional software. My axiom is: "A window is another room. Have a good reason to go there." If the user is working on information on one screen, don't send her to another screen to work on that same information. The better place is right there on screen number one. See also the related article Navbars must go.