Information Architecture and the Support of Brand Promise

EH pointed to the draft of Tim Salam's IA/Brand Promise article (PDF). Some believe information architects should only concerned with the structure of hard information. I disagree. ... During the design of a website, as with all promotional materials, brand promise must be considered a priority. Though technical in its foundations, websites need not be burdened solely by technological considerations. The customer is not only a website user in need of logical structures but an individual evaluating price, quality, safety, speed, and support – a cohesive package. With the voluminous surge in websites and message dilution being the increasing dilemma faced by advertisers everywhere, information architecture asserts an important foothold in the message delivery process. Differentiation among brands has become an art lost to the noise of modern media, yet the opportunity is still there. Despite the “new economy” game in which brands rise and fall with accelerated zeal, the original question begs: “When a brand speaks, who is listening and what do they hear?” With a well-designed information architecture, the answer is far easier to control and deliver with accuracy.