Pop-up ads soon to invade meatspace

In stores soon--floating product ads. Shoppers may soon be able to see images of advertised products floating in mid-air as they browse in stores. That's the story according to Reuters. Hungarian-U.S. firm Holomedia on Monday unveiled a new projection device that could make this a reality. "This innovative new media is based on American hardware and Hungarian software," said Csaba Rakosy, managing director of Holomedia, at a news conference. An appliance the size of a vending machine projects still or moving images about 40cm (16 inches) in size. The human eye perceives these images as floating in mid-air, offering what developers say is a very effective marketing tool. As if the tiny wireless video camera didn't haunt me enough. I can imagine seeing one of these at Circuit City -- picture the people thinking they're halucinating the X-10 camera popping up before their eyes, running out of the store shrieking. That's just what you want to instill consumer confidence.