Launches Open Database Project.

SoCal based web site development firms web based database solutions provider site launches its new free Open Database Project. This hitting the news when anything free should be getting attention. Details of the project may be found at the "Spotlight" sections at the home page or by following the link : Based on eCriteria technology, the ODBP allows free access to both business and personal database content in a broad range of categories. The project is likened to a search engine for database content. Individuals, businesses, and organizations may use the site to access thousands of public databases publised by other users for free and unlimited consumption. Users need not contribute data in order to access the repository. If the data author allows it, users may also download search results to their desktop PC in plain text, or xml format. Users may elect to create their own databases and contribute the data content to the project. Using a web database publishing wizard process provided by, users may import data from applications such as microsoft excel and access, and create a new web databse in 15 minutes without any programming or database knowledge. Users creating new databases may choose database names in a manner similar to selecting domain names. For instance, an organization might pick its trademark name for a database, so that when someone searches ODBP, entering this keyword will locate data associated with the organization. There are no limits on searchs, updates, or creating with the ODBP (open database project).