Jakob Nielson video

Internet Guru Speaks on Web Usability. The Internet has increasingly become a part of our everyday lives. More and more people venture out into cyber space in search of anything from merchandise to scholarly discourse. Despite the variety of materials that can be found on the Internet, one thing has remained the same: the user. How do web sites keep users coming back? The issue of web usability seeks to address that problem, and believe or not, the answer is 'simple'. Jakob Nielsen, a world-renowned expert on Web Usability, will address those and other questions at the next icompass seminar scheduled for October 1, 2001. Nielsen, who earned a Ph.D. from the Technical University of Denmark, has authored several books and lectures around the world on the subject of web usability. According to his research, web sites have become much too complicated.Users are discouraged by graphics-intensive pages that load slowly; poor search engines that do not rank results according to relevance; and pages that are not clearly labeled. These are only a few of the mistakes that are commonly made by web designers. Web Usability measures how well a web site suits the user's needs: is it easy to use, succinct and understandable? In an age where the complexity of a site's visual affects and graphics design is thought by many to rank it in the higher echelons of web design, a site that is simple and easy to use will always keep users coming back. In the end, people are looking for sites that offer the convenience that being able to dial up from home is supposed to offer them. click here for access to video