Web Woes

This is a great essay by Gunnar Swanson that discusses the effect of design by committee (or by large teams) on graphic designers. Advocates an expanded role for designers as leaders (neée project managers) in large agencies/consultancies. Like many "traditional" areas of graphic design, much of the most interesting work on the web is in the form of big and/or technologically complex sites. Large projects require teamwork. Every team project involves compromise. In environmental graphic design, the architects and developers make decisions that affect the graphic designerís work. In print graphic design there are clients, marketing people, editors, account executives. . . all sorts of folk affecting our design. Somehow the web seems to be another manner of beast. Despite our rhetoric about form following function (well, maybe itís just the old folk like me that bother making those noises anymore), print graphic design is often just a veneer of style. In most other cases a few people make the basic choices about structure, look, end-user experience, and the like. On large web projects, teams or team leaders make basic decisions about the nature of the project. Graphic designers often find themselves in the role of visual dishwashers for the Information Architect chefs. thanks xblog