BBJ pointed to Zaudhaus, which I was quite pleased to surf (and not just because I like green/beige color palettes.) One of their projects,, is a good example of how Flash can be quite useful for communication and information design. Surfing further, I found these presentations and articles that might be of interest:

  • What Makes Great Web Design, Marc Escobosa & Vic Zauderer, Stanford Publishing, July 2000 -- An excellent presentation. I wish there were speaking notes. There are number of links to IA examples that accompany many of the bullet points under the "Core Ingredients" section. I find it strange reading presentations out of context, but the sound bites in this one were well written.
  • Timeless Principles of Design: Four steps to designing a killer Web site, Vic Zauderer with Clement Mok in WebTechniques, April, 1997. -- A great article about the design process that discusses four basic principles from which to approach design problems: problem definition, target audience, information organization, and user interface and execution.