RuleSpaces: a look at the scales of experience systems - Cosmology, Urbanism, Architecture, Engineering and Physics

Matt Jones' ambitious discussion of IA. "Content commissioners and creators need an understanding of hierarchy of skills needed in the construction of digital experiences, particularly networked ones. Parallels with real-world construction in 'digital construction' abound. 'Information architecture' is bandied about to cover all sorts of things but it might be more helpful to define some more 'boundaries' to it with some parallels from the real world. For instance, we all (mostly) have to obey the laws of physics, which engineers harness to realise the plans of architects who construct buildings as hopefully beautiful and useful interventions into an established landscape or urban context, which city planners think about strategically. As the contexts we experience digital media in multiply, a deep understanding of the structure of the web universe and of human behaviour there is the only way to successful marry it to real life in the future. My presentation aims to give the audience a framework or model - a thing to think with - for this purpose."