Lazyweb idea: Yahoo! Groups as RSS

I'm procrastinating because I'm supposed to be preparing a Power Point presentation.

Here's an idea -- call it my lazyweb idea 2, idea 1 was for a blogdex of IA blogs -- why doesn't Yahoo! produce RSS feeds for their Yahoo! Groups? That way I could aggregate new feeds from certain groups without having to get emails from them. It's not a killer, but I live off of my news aggregator and I'm starting to hate email lately.

You know, come to think of it, I know it's possible to set up an email address that Radio Userland can use for posting to a Radio blog. Maybe there's even such a method on Drupal. Maybe I'll try that one day. That way I can put all of my email list mail into a news aggregator rather than have to go to my mail client to read it. Hmmm. Anyone do anything like this yet?

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Yahoo groups is available as

Yahoo groups is available as RSS - not sure of the exact url though.

Blog: poorbuthappy ease by PeterV

Yahoo Groups

From here:

The Yahoo! group for the Radio UserLand mailing list supports RSS:

The viscount argument is the number of messages you want in the feed.

Unfortunately, their RSS feed only gives you the message subject as a link to the message, rather than the full text.

It appears to work.

- Quam

Almost excellent

So I'm now able to get IA-CMS, AIGIA-ED, and K-Logs in the news aggregator. You guys rock. Thanks a lot for this pointer. I can't say that the results are that great though. K-Logs, for instance, shows the sender of the message as the title rather than the subject as the title, which makes brief listings rather useless (see the news feeds in the right column). They should have made the subject of the message the title and taken first x number of characters for the description.

Yahoo! sure doesn't make it obvious that this is a feature do they? I couldn't find a link anywhere to the RSS on any Yahoo! Groups pages.

RSS and the RealizationEngine

I've been considering it for a long time, but there was very little interest in RSS until lately. now that the news agrigators are really taking off, I think I'll work on hacking RSS into the RealizationEngine. Now the question is, what is the best feed or feeds to give the readers? Recent active threads? Most active threads? or just RSS out all new messages since the user's last visit with the option of resetting the session timestamp via a link in the RSS feed?

The closer I get to finishing 1.0.x, the further I seem to be from that goal....

Don't know

I haven't thought of *how* to present discussion group RSS yet. I'm satisified with just viewing the most recent messages in an unthreaded fashion, but I'm sure there is some way that you can give some context to each message by attaching it to a thread. Peter's XFML/Topic Map format might provide some ideas. It provides hierarchical relationships and topics are embedded in the XML document at build time, so you can use that concept to send the thread with the messages.