Activating my job searches again

Ugh. As much as I hate to do it, I'm activating my job searches on the monster and techies sites again. I can feel the heavy gray cloud of impending layoff doom hanging over my group's head. They don't even call them layoffs here -- they refer to them as forced management procedures (one gets FMP'd). Whatever the hell that means. For me it means that my wife and I had the serious talk about what our plan will be if and when I get selected. I've made it through 5 or more layoffs so far, but there's just no telling.

It's hard to concentrate on work. I should have gotten the kind of job that lets me work with my hands. Maybe this will be my oppotunity to pursue that career in arts and crafts. Don't you just love the new economy.

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Get out and take a walk.

Argh. I'll send my energy that way. Take up the arts & crafts, I've been doing charcoal drawing recently and it helps. I think there's potential for selling when I build up the courage to show my stuff :)