Search engine optomization consultants

Never heard that term before reading James Allison's Understanding the New Role of SEO Consultants in Traffick. Here's a badly written excerpt.

    [0]ne of the main focus of SEO techniques has been site content, and in this regard, the SEO consultant's role overlaps more and more with the "Information Architect". Just as many members of the SEO community come from an advertising and copywriting background, the IA community is populated by a large number of people with a background in Library and Information Sciences.

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Actually IAs do a little bit of search engine optimization as part of the IA process. Part of my role involves providing conventions with metadata so that our internal search engine would work, but keeping in mind that it's a collaborative effort for labeling, categories, metadata, and well written content are the keys for SEO.

Yes. I know that we support s

Yes. I know that we support search engine optimization as part of our process. The thing that caught me off guard is that there is actually a term SEO Consultant, meaning there are people selling and buying services for someone calling herself that. I have to admit that the concept of being a consultant out on my own has its appeal right now.