I decided to start reading posts in my SIGIA-L folder today. Unfortunately I was greeted with the discussion surrounding Suddenly I remembered why I let that folder grow to 3000+ messages so I could concentrate on work and personal projects.

The noise to signal on SIGIA can be astonishingly deafening and so many of the circular and sometimes damaging philosophical discussions reflect the immaturity of this field. As Whitney asks, " I wonder why we feel the need to be so angry at everyone we think is 'not us'", I start to wonder the same thing. I really don't care if what I do is called IA, LIS, ID or whatever to tell you the truth. I think Adam agrees. In truth, none of those labels defines what I do very well.

It gets easy to turn away from SIGIA when these discussions crop up. The navel gazing gets tiring. I'm in search of more interesting reading. I want to learn something new and valuable each week and have it inform the work I do. I want to see interesting stuff like Peter's xfml work or the interesting diagrams James creates.

Maybe I'm just having a bad day. It might help to change my SIGIA folder to threaded view, so I can make some wholesale deletions.

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navel gazing stinks

I agree wholeheartedly about how you are feeling about SIGIA. I get so disillusioned when the topics turn this way. I wonder why I haven't unsubscribed. It seems to me, that as a field we should be spending time talking about what's next, what problems need to be solved rather than whining about the same things that have been whined over last year or the year before. We are beyond this and when it starts the whole group is dragged down.


Amen, Erin. Getting involved in these discussions is difficult, but it's terribly hard for me not to read through the posts looking for someone to bring some wisdom to the chatter. Whitney's good for that. I'm hopeful that we'll move beyond these discussions in the future. In the meantime, I'm getting more joy out of reading blogs.


I share your thoughts. I didn't touch my 2000+ (already threaded view) SIGIA_L - folder for months. This happened because there is too much talk about defining the field / disciplines etc and all sorts of derived subjects and I simple don't have the time to join this type of discussion. (I don't understand how others keep up anyway, while having a normal day job) You see, the really interesting discussions, discussions directly related to my day-to-day design problems, are hard to find on SIGIA_L.

When we look back 10 years from now I believe that our day job (solve problems, design enlightening work) shaped the field (disciplines, methods, deliverables, philosophies etc.), not the time consuming arguing on SIGIA_L.

Just let it happen.

Frank Elbert

Here here...

I guess if there is to be a place for navel gazing about IA then it should be SIGIA, but I too have found this and other lists to be too convoluted to get involved in. Add to that a certain lack of sensitivity on my part and it's probably best that I stay out of these discussions anyway.

So in the spirit of Donna's blog, I've decided to stop worring about what to call myself and just tell you what I do from now on.



SIGIA is soooo 2001....

I agree with all the comments here...can anyone honestly say that the (IA) world is a better place because of any of the discussions on SIGIA?

challenges of keeping up...

I used to worry about not being "in the know" with the SIGIA list and what I figured is that I should just take chances and solve the problems that I face at work with the skills, knowledge and experience that I have. I had to also remind myself that SIGIA isn't the only source for inspiration or ideas, I've definitely hit up blogs, articles, books, and other types of sites. I'm staying in digest mode and leaving them unread until I'm ready ;)


I realize that I'm as guilty of not posting as anyone, perhaps more so, but the only way we can improve the situation is to post. What would you like to see discussed? What are you working on now? What are you discussing offline? Throw it out there. Maybe we can't do anything about the noise, but the signal...

I should

I agree, Tanya. I guess I shouldn't complain if I don't contribute. I used to, but have been involved with other projects (e.g. Drupal) lately (that and working on my resume) and haven't had the energy to add my voice to SIGIA. I'll just stop complaining instead. :) Maybe someday I'll jump into the fray again.

New features rock significantly

No, no, complain all you want. I know you put a huge amount of work in here and elsewhere that I get to sit back and enjoy.

I just want you smarties to get in there so it's not always the same old rehashing of tired topics and navel gazing.