IA book bonanza

Well, I thought, why not just list all three of these great IA books. Christina and Jesse currently hold the spotlight. And as Jeff points out, the polar bear is still relatively new. Seeing these great recent publications in one place just underscores for me the growth of this craft.

Christina's book
[Buy it] [Read about it]

Jesse's book
[Buy it] [Read about it]

Peter's and Lou's
[Buy it] [Read about it]

P.S. My copy of Blueprints arrived today and I'm itching to start reading it. Looks excellent. I'm going to enjoy it thoroughly. :) Have a lookie at the persona collage in Christina's book. I'm the one above Madonnalisa with the glasses!

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Yeah...I can't wait to see my picture too :)

At some point someone is going to have to brand a bookbag to have to carry all the IA books that are out.

Perhaps an ia/ branded bag?

there are a couple!

There are bags, although I'm sure no one's bought them. See the swag cafe press site. By the way, I love the covers on the New Riders IA books. The radial diagrams in Christina's are nice. Do a lot of those in Omni lately.

Toting the bag

Hey Michael, didn't notice those bags before...will more than likely start sporting it with all the books I need to get autographed at the next IA summit...

Top sellers

And the big news is that both of these books are currently on Amazon's best sellers list in the Computers & Internet category.

With these, plus the still-relatively-new second edition of the Polar Bear book, this is a busy reading time.

I haven't had a chance to read Blueprints yet, but I saw Michael, Lisa and a few more familiar faces in the personas section...

Reading groups abound

Hey Jeff just got my copy too...perhaps Thursday night at a cafe we start reading ;)