Urban Pixel's tile browsing technique

Nooface pointed to Urban Pixel's Tiled Browser application which provides navigation and visualization of data along a 2-D X-Y plane. Viewing pieces of content as atoms or modules at various levels of magnification, the technique provides for high density and recognition from a high level with the option of seeking low-level granularity. The web site has illustrations of the tiled browser technique and shows several different implementations in applications. Here's a bit more about the tile browsing technique. Each atomic browsing unit is much smaller than the actual browsing window as shown by the green rectangles. With this approach, it is possible to change content on just parts of a web page much faster as you do not need to re-generate the entire page - instead, you just update the browsing tile that needs the changes. Additionally, this concept of a tiled browser enables you create web spaces much larger than afforded by current web technologies.