Context-Aware Computing: The Return of Ranganathan?

Peterme, musing on how we'll make sense of information offered in context-aware mobile devices, discusses facet-based description as a solution. I logged some thoughts of my own on his site because he makes sense to me.

    Our devices will know where we are, and be able to augment our experience in that area in various ways--the ability to write and read notes that others have placed; read the history of the spot you're standing on; find out about any activities of interest occurring nearby, etc. etc. ... I can pretty much guarantee that frustration will be the norm if we develop context-aware computing in the same fashion as we have most of our information-rich internet technologies.
I'm glad there's a Peterme RSS feed now. It's aggregated here. Now we just need a blackbeltjones feed.

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Now we just need a blackbeltjones feed


thanks, v. now this aggregator has all the major iaish blogs.

and v-2

and now we have v-2 as well. word.

and Digital Web

The What's New section of Digital Web is now aggregated as well.

And Jeff Veen

Jeff Veen too. Who'd I miss?