The Asilomar Institute for Information Architecture

After about 7 1/2 months in the making, the Asilomar Institute for Information Architecture offcially launches today. The AIfIA was formed as a non-profit organization with the goals of advancing and promoting information architecture. For more information on why the AIfIA was started and what the AIfIA will be doing, please check out the site or view the press release. Lou gives a little background on the name:

    Asilomar is a conference center near Monterey, California; an incredibly stunning (and reasonably priced) place for a weekend retreat to hash over what it means for information architects to organize. And yes, we're calling it an institute rather than a society or association; "institute" seems to carry less baggage.
The phrase "asilo mar" also means something like "refuge by the sea" in Spanish. The conference center was orginally formed as a women's retreat center in a peaceful spot on the Pacific coast -- a place to take refuge by the sea. As we went over the details about why we need to organize our efforts to bring awareness to the value of IA and to promote IA for practitioners, it became obvious that the venue for our first discussions in Asilomar was appropriate. IA offers refuge from the sea of information chaos to bring order and balance, to promote sense making and information use. If you believe this to be true and are interested in getting on board, please get involved if you can.

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