Holy humongous tab

Sweet, Jesus. What's with that enormous Amazon tab?

Matt H. pointed this out

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umm...Its not the size of your tab that counts, but how your visitor uses it...?

I think it is the more of a "partner" you are the bigger your tab.

guru rules

Someone read a couple of rules in a web design book: "tabs are good" and "larger elements on the page are noticed first".

I'm surprised that Target's brand style standards allow this, actually...

Tab Blindess ?

Actually, there is some good research showing that larger elements on the page are often overlooked (just google "banner blindess" for more info), particularly if they are visually separated from the rest of the page. So from a design point of view this is a good solution: one tends not to overlook that hideous Target logo. Perhaps even a little two much? When I first arrived from Michaels link on ia/, I thought I was on the Target site, and the Amazon logo was one of those million .gifs on every other webpage leading to amazon. Talk about brand confusion...

What I find troublesome, though, is that my navigation is now a billboard. New trend?


And of course...

Its looks silly as all hell :)

Target is just the beginning

Amazon's Apparal Store just opened and now 12 different merchant have humongous tabs.