B&N Book Browser: Browsing facets that descibe books

I just looked at Barnes & Noble's Book Browser feature, which offers a way to browse books by subject and type of literature. The browser start page shows headings categorized under the different major sections you might find in the book store -- Fiction, Non-Fiction, Business. Each major section has subsections that closely match what I've seen in B&Stores.

I've read in a few places that people don't think that there have been good implementations employing the concepts of Ranganathan. I don't agree with that. This is an example of how the business world is employing the concept of categories for browsing and refining. Are these facets? In a broad sense of the word, yes. Like the Flamenco interface, the Book Browser allows you to see terms surfaced from several facets and then iteratively select terms or drill down until a string is formed that describes the information you find.