Moving beyond the Web as a single-user system

There are some instances of Web sites that begin to have interaction that extends beyond the client/server model. Tag Board for weblogs is a subtle example of it. However, the Web itself remains a single-user system. Arguably, the Web becomes more valuable as a greater number of people use and contribute to it. We see the same in Web sites. And yet, the very same Web sites lack the ability to have direct discourse with other people who are looking at the same book at an e-commerce site at the same moment.

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Good Quote

Posted by Dimitri Z on The Idea Basket in response to above mentioned article:

"The impediment to a truly multi-user web experience is not technological (even today we have the tech infrastrure to achieve it), but social. The great challenge is how to avoid the crowds, the noise and the trolls, while at the same time finding interesting, coherent, pleasant people that share your interests. And if you think about it, existing technology of in-site chat rooms and message boards, coupled with email, serves this function fairly well."