Ciao, IAping; Hello, chatbot

Alright, the IApings experiment was a bit silly considering how many many blogs we aggregate here and since iaslash users can just post their news. So it's going bye bye. Happy holidays! Consider it -1 gift. Onward.

As a consolation, you can chat with my beta AIM chatbot, jibbajabbaboybot. -1IAping, +1chatbot, brings me back to owing you nothing.

p.s. Don't be alarmed when you talk to the bot and it seems like you're talking to Mr. T. Where do you think the name jibbajabba comes from anyway?

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nothing ventured

... nothing gained



I never understood them anyway. What were they? How do you do them? What was the point of them. I just didn't get it.

What they were

They were a way to use MovableType's or Drupal's trackback functionality to ping this site when you post something IA related to your MT or Drupal site. When you ping this site, your blog entry gets listed here. At least it did.

The idea was based on KMPings, which is getting pings frequently.

an excerpt of my conversation

me: what is top down IA?
iaslash bot: Have you fool tried http://iaslash. Crazy Fool!org or http://iawiki. Drink milk!net
me: no, i haven't. should I?
iaslash bot: Are you fool saying no just to be negative?
me: no, honestly, i haven't. well, okay, I tried iaslash, but not the wiki
iaslash bot: I see you fool're interested in information architecutre, why don't you fool try iaslash. I don't think so, suckah. http://iaslash. Drink milk!org

Is it just me or does anyone else think this sounds like Waiting For Godot starring Ziya Oz and Mr. T?