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Nathan Ashby-Kuhlman takes "click here" link text to task, showing examples used in popular media sites. Click here to read it. :)

    The words “click here for...” and “click here to...” serve no purpose within links. Unfortunately, many news sites still use them. According to Google, “click here” is on about 8,970 pages at alone.

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I disagree. Click here actual

I disagree. Click here actually has its place.



Look here for my subject: Click here examples

Look here for the body of my message.
Click here.
Click here for google click here results.
Look here for the footer of my message.

Look here for a signature (well, I don't have a signature, but look here).

Click here link - Some examples

I think the point is in being able to distinguish between action links and hypertext links. Have a look at my own analysis on the subject on ZeligPlace.


see my comment on the linked page

I have used "Click here for d

I have used "Click here for detailed train schedules" once (whole sentence linked). I felt this link within the page content needed an action word. Should I now join IUCH anonymous? ('I Used Click Here'). My name is Peter, and I used 'Click Here'.

I also agree that "Click here

I also agree that "Click here" has it's place, but more important than it's instructional aspect (users do need help) is the guideline that link text should be meaningful. This is especially important for those who use screen readers. If click here is used too much, every link sounds the same.