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According to this poll (poll is on lower right) to vote for the next career woman in the Barbie "I Can Be..." series, Librarians are more popular than police officers. Most kids think the next Barbie should be an Architect.

    74% Architect
    18% Librarian
    7% Policewoman

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Librarian or Architect? IA is

Librarian or Architect? IA is the obvious compromise. :)


When I first saw this poll a few weeks ago librarian was totally winning over 40% of the votes! AWWWW!

@name: Madonnalisa G. Chan
@label: Information Architect

something is fishy

I know! I swear when I voted a couple weeks ago "librarian" had 80%.

i'd like to see how they port

i'd like to see how they portray a librarian anyway. don't you think they'd just dress her in stereotypical round glasses and long dress?

what would an architect look like anyway? would she wear a black suit? what would an IA look like? in nyc, maybe lots of black clothes, a sketch/note book in one hand and a bunch of post it notes in the other?

Barbie the Naughty Librarian

Hmmm, the saga continues. Sounds like she would start off with a bun and glasses, anyway. (What's this with the librarian fantasies? Is there some fetish I'm unaware of?)

I don't know about a libraria

I don't know about a librarian fetish, but I can't imagine that the reason the librarian vote was ahead was because a bunch of librarian fetishists were wearing a path to the barbie site to vote. Seems ridiculous, no? More likely, kids were actually voting for the librarian, and then, as chronicled in the shiftedlibrarian, a bunch of adult architects circulated the email because they couldn't bear to lose out to a librarian. In any case, it has nothing to do with who Mattel will pick as the next career gal barbie. Why would architects really care so much that they would mobilize their peer network to drive up the vote? Really wierd.