Year-end wrap-up

Must be that time of year, since two usability-related year-in-review pieces came out yesterday:

Both are actually fairly level-headed and practical. Most of these things should be common knowledge for most IAs, but it's nice to see them summarized (and, in Nielsen's case, illustrated). HFI also has footnotes to all the relevant research, which is very useful for those ubiquitous “I'm looking for research that supports my opinion that ...” questions.

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Hi, I can't believe someone here actually uses a reference to anything HFI produces as "good" or "best practice", or even worth mentioning here. They are the scariest bunch out there. I have first-hand experience with their "usability reviews" as they were commissioned by my client and delivered, what I thought to be, the scariest evaluation of a B2C website ever. They used random, outdated statistics from unverifiable sources as the basis for their "findings". I strongly suggest people steer clear of this company's positions as they are very dangerous and questionable at best.