Transmedia convergence

Interesting article in Technology Review about storytelling and the convergence of assets across media to deliver and sell content in multiple markets.

[W]e have entered an era of media convergence that makes the flow of content across multiple media channels almost inevitable.


While the technological infrastructure is ready, the economic prospects sweet, and the audience primed, the media industries haven't done a very good job of collaborating to produce compelling transmedia experiences. Even within the media conglomerates, units compete aggressively rather than collaborate.

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Transmedia Properties

Brenda Laurel does a lot of thinking on this subject as well. Saw her speak about transmedia properties back in 2000...


Thanks for this link

Thanks for this link, Dan. This is my first look into this topic. Not sure how deeply I will delve into it for the time being, but will definitely look at Laurel's paper.