ia/ gets small for the HipTop

Sorry to throw the layout out of wack again. Sseems like I do that every 6 months. I made the default theme show the login and custom block in the right side to make the page usable for handheld browsers (Hiptops and PDAs). If you want the old theme, you'll need to select the rokakuleft theme in your account preferences.

If you're going to be surfing on a handheld you can try the new handheld theme [view screenshot]. You can select the handheld theme in your account preferences.

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Oh look...

...yet another agent ignoring standards. Standards only work when user agents use them. I am begining to come around to the idea that being 100% rigid on strict standards complience is the only way to improve the situation. Although maybe new accesability laws might help too as user agents are forced to allow access to people with disabilities, the easiest way of course is being standards complient.

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Apparently my user agent chec

Apparently my user agent checking isn't working because of caching settings used here. Have to tinker some more. Would of course have been easier to handle if the SideKick understood the handheld media type.

excellent. posting a comment

excellent. posting a comment from the sidekick using the pared down handheld theme