Why can't everyone have site searches like this?

While searching for some obscure hardware from antiquity on the Western Digital site I spotted that they have an extremely cool site search system. Just searching does the standard things. Once you have your results the search box also gives options for "Fuzzy", "Stemming", "Phonic" and "Natural Language". I think these options are great for rerefiining a little better. Clicking on each of the options brings up a window with a handy definition. I just thought more sites should give users a little bit of flexability and credit for understand concepts like WD.

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i find phonic searching prett

i find phonic searching pretty useless. atomz allows you to use it too. but i can't think of a case where i would want to find sound-alike words.

Hide it!

A good search engine can do all these things without the user having to choose them. In themselves, they add great functionality - why muck up the UI with them as options (except for natural language) - a user just wants good results and doesn't give two hoots as to how they get them. Selections should refine search terms, adding precision, rather than initiating a whole new search paradigm.

Hide it! Agreed.

Google for instance has fuzzy logic built in. A search for a misspelling of "monster" results in a page which notices that the user may be looking for something else. It does it without calling out the fuzzy search requiring the user to learn a new paradigm.

There difference between power and normal users

Its the fact of where they put them. If you look at the kinda documents that thing is pulling up its a vast array of technical pdfs as well as the normal customer thing. I accept the point that some things such be done as standard but surely there is room for improvement and giving power users an option to talior some of the types of search they are using might be a useful refinement. But alass I shouldn't write posts at 4am should I?

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A case for phonic searching

I'm developing a large business directory for a nonprofit. Most searches performed on this directory will be searches for proper names. Especially with transliterated non-english names, I think some sort of fuzzy searching is essential. We're using metaphone.


Thanks for sharing that. That's a situation I'd never thought of where it would be useful.