HTML's Time is Over. Let's Move On.

By David Heller in Boxes and Arrows.

    As users and builders demand more and more richness from the Web, we need to re-evaluate the technology that 99% of it is built on. It seems no matter how sophisticated our back ends get, the front ends remain stagnant. What other options are there? What are the requirements that we as user experience designers face that newer technologies miss the boat on?

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david heller's got a lot to say

but dynamic html is still the status quo (the dominant paradigm to be subverted, but by whom and when?)
just go for a long walk on the beach to sort it all out, and when you get back... why don't you cut and paste some perfected dhtml into a j2ee developer's jsp and don't be surprised if the IAs involved want to be Interaction Designers as well; after all, it's a free country, but the apps cost money, and these java servlets are the kind of apps serious customers are paying for today (old java applets just aren't happennin' and c# is for the ms faithful).

if only we could do away with the middleware alltogether and survive on a robust dynamic presentation layer w/database alone - then it would be the old school librarians meets the new school cyberarians without any assembly line middlewarians throwing exceptions and delaying delivery dates.

sounds kind of like what heller was calling for, but it's only a dream -rob dornbush